Naein Road Tourist complex

Naein Road Tourist complex - A Breath in Drought

This is a tourist complex located in Naein Isfahan Road , Iran Designed as a place for road passengers passing bay so they can have a stop and take a break. The fact of this design is to keep the feeling of traveling even inside of it.

This building has 2 levels , one is on ground which is in direct contact with environment and another level which is the main level is under ground as you know under ground is cooler part in a desert .

The focus of this project was in the concept and shape to be most adapted to the desert region. its dynamic shape have this ability To deflect the annoying desert winds.

Facades are covering with Membrane which is really close to glass and it’s an anti reflect kind of a transparent material which reduce the sun heat for 80%

A great nice view restaurant has designed in the ground level which the galaxy is the concept of its Interior design .


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