1st Nafas Visual Art Festival

1st Nafas Visual Art Festival

as you can see the only way to save the patients suffering from advanced organ failure is with the presence of the magnanimity of the families who, during those overwhelming moments of facing the loss of their dearest, are able to make the right decision and make life from death. The role of artists in introducing the society with the sacred matter of organ donation and saving the life of patients in need of transplantation is undeniable.

The exhibition of the chosen artworks from this festival has held between 12 – 21 August, 2016 at the Iranian Artists' Forum. My art work was one of the illustrations chosen between 2700 art works to be displayed in galleries around the world.(INDIA-CHINA_SPAIN)

My Art Work

You can find my illustration in festival's book “1st Nafas visual art festival “ published by Iranian society of Organ Donation .